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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  March 25, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> two under. ile everybody else went backwards, tiger woods in the final group is a winner again. and how appropriate it comes at bay hill. his seventh victory here. >> he's got a good feeling inside him all that work he's putting in, finally had the confidence to pour it out for four rounds and dominated this event. just like days of old. >> look at that. that's so nice to see him acknowledge everybody who has been pulling for him. watch out, boys, on the pga tour. tiger is back. >> let's send it down to roger
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maltbie if he can hear us down there. >> it's pretty raucous, thanks, dan. tiger's it's been a long time. you won the chevron. this has to feel pretty good. >> it does feel good. it feels really good. a lot of hard work. so thankful for a lot of people helping me out along the way. and you all know who they are. and it's been tough. today was unbelievable. the condition were rough. these pins, i mean, earn took it to us today. he put some pretty good pins out there for us. >> how about all these people that were pulling for you so hard? you can feel it. it was palpable. >> it was incredible to have that type of support here. you know, i used to live here for a long time. and it was neat to see some of my friends come out and follow. and it was a great atmosphere around all week. >> now your thoughts have to turn to augusta very shortly. i know you were there last sunday. you have to be as excited for
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this match as any, i can think of. >> it's exciting. always fun to get there and exciting to play. i look forward to the momentum that i've built here and the things that i've worked on with my game. they're all coming together at the right time. >> congratulations and enjoy. >> thanks, rog. >> back to you, dan. >> roger, it's the largest margin of victory, five shots on tour, since rory mcilroy's eight shot at the open. in convincing fashion. the wait is over. september '09, bmw championship. i don't think we'll be mentioning that tournament for a long time to come, no offense to the folks at bmw. but tiger is back in the winner's circle. he's moves up to the seventh spot in the up to date cup standings. johnson wagner is on top, kyle stanley, fill mickelson who
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about be in houston to defend his title. if you missed any of today's coverage you can catch up with golf central on golf channel, the pga tour makes its next stop in the heart of texas. we'll be there as mickelson defends that title. you can see all the action beginning thursday on golf channel. continuing on nbc. tonight an all new "dateline." and "harry's law" and "celebrity and "harry's law" and "celebrity apprentice." -- captions by vitac -- one final so long from bay hill where firg woods is back in the winner's circle on the pga tour. where else but arnie's place at bay hill? win number seven. former vic
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cheney in the hospital tonight recovering from his heart transplant operation. good evening, everyone. i'm chris gordon.
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after spending nearly two years a the waiting list, mr. cheney received the transplant yesterday. nbc's mike vicara starts us off tonight with the latest at the hospital. >> reporter: dick cheney remains here at the hospital after undergoing a heart transplant surgery early yesterday. we learned this after the fact from a statement from t family. it came as a surprise in that sense, but in another sense, not much of a surprise at all. the vice president has a history of no fewer than five heart attacks, the most recent one about two years ago. he was at george washington university hospital on that occasion and shortly after that, he was outfitted with what's called a left ventricular device. that's for people with end stage heart disease. he was put on a wait list for a heart transplant. just this past december, he reached the top of that list and yesterday he had the surgery. as far as we know, although we have not heard anything from the
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doctors or the cheney family since that statement last night where they thanked the now anonymous donor, they thanked the hospital staff and outlined the fact the vice president had been on that list for some 20 months, we assume he's still here in the hospital recovering from the transplant surgery. no word on how long he will be here or his current condition. chris? >> mike vicara, thank you. as mike mentioned, mr. cheney has a lost history of heart problems prior to his most recent in 2010. his first heart attack came in 1978 when he was only 37 years old. he had a second attack six years later followed by emergency q d quadruple bypass in 1988. cheney suffered two more attacks, one in 2000 during the florida recount just before he and former president bush took office. in churches across the country today, congregations wore hoodies, a show of support
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for shooter victim trayvon martin. but friends are also speaking out to support the man at the center of this controversy. it's not your typical sunday attire, but at churches across the country, it was not a traditional sunday message. >> we stand in solidarity with the family of trayvon martin, and we stand in support of our children who deserve better than to be stigmatized and ster stereotyped. >> reporter: pain perhaps felt deepest in florida. >> stop the violence. >> reporter: it's a great refrain of justice for trayvon martin. he is george zimmerman, the community watch volunteer who shot and killed the 17-year-old almost a month ago. zimmerman's attorney reiterated his claim of self-defense on "weekend today." >> george zimmerman suffered a broken nose, there was a grass
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stain on the back of his shirt. he claims martin struck him and he went down. >> reporter: his friends are also come to go his defense. >> through his family members, i learned that right after the shooting, he couldn't stop crying. >> reporter: tears shared by thousands now, most part of a growing chorus calling for answers and action. jay gray, nbc news. breaking news in the district. a man is in the hospital tonight after being stabbed in the u street area. d.c. police say officers found the man near 14th and t streets northwest just after 4:00. they have a suspect in custody. he is charged with assault with intent to kill. no word on the victim's condition. well, crowds are gathering outside the u.s. supreme court at this hour on the eve of the historic showdown over president obama's health care reform law. starting tomorrow, the high court will hear three days of arguments from both sides. brian moore reports.
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>> reporter: braiving a chilly march rain, dozens of people spent this weekend camped outside the u.s. supreme court. >> because i want to watch history being made, i want to be a witness. >> reporter: a lucky few will watch an epic constitutional showdown, an extraordinary three days of arguments over president obama's health care reform law. the key questions for the high court, can congress force every american to pay for health insurance? and if so, what are the government's boundaries? >> could the federal government then order you to eat carrots? could it order you to quit smoking? >> reporter: the political fight is as fiery in this election year as it was two years ago, when president obama signed the most sweeping legislation in a generation. most of the law won't take effect until 2014. >> by the end of this decade, we're going to be glad the republicans called this obamacare. >> reporter: outside the court, opinions reflect the national debate. >> this law is very, very important to me and my family
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and millions of americans who are in the same boat. >> this is not about health care, it's not even about access to health care, it's related to religious freedoms and religious rights in america. >> reporter: at the supreme court, waiting for history. brian moore, nbc news, washington. and the race for the white house, rick santorum says the battle for the gop nomination is far from over. santorum solidly won yesterday's primary contest in louisiana with double-digit margins. following his victory, he pro claimed himself the true conservative candidate. mitt romney, however, fistill leads with the overall delegate account. he has doubled santorum. they have d.c., maryland and wisconsin a week from tuesday. still ahead tonight, how much money the u.s. government is now paying the victims of a soldier's shooting rampage in afghanistan? we'll hear about the possibility
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of a freeze watch in our forecast, and we'll explain why the pope is
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. the united states has paid $50,000 for each villager killed in afghanistan. the money went to the victims'
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families. an additional 11,000 was paid to each person wounded. tomorrow morning on "today," matt lauer sits down with bales' wife, karelyn, her first interview since her husband was charged. president obama is in korea for a meeting on security. president obama and seoul's president talks about if they go ahead with the long-range rocket, it will only deepen the hostility between the community. he visited the heavily patrolled land that separates north and south. pope benedict xvi donned a black and white cosombrero whil he toured mexico today. this is the pope's third day in mexico and he takes off for cuba tomorrow.
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chuck bell is taking a well-deserved day off, so kim is here and is in charge.
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>> that i am. i'll tell you what's in charge for the weather if you're an allergy sufferer. the pollen has hopefully subsided, unless you have too many meds in your system and you can't tell. the rain has fallen. we got about a third of an inch in the district. the rain now is off to the west this the shan enandoah valley, this is the end of it. we will be clearing out as we head into the overnight, but right now between martinsburg and winchester. it had so much hail with this yesterday. that low was closer to southwestern virginia and the hail, some places 6 inches deep. the storm prediction center got 80 hail reports from quarter to baseball size.
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you know what happened? some siding was shredded and windows were broken all from this hail which is very common in the early spring when the atmosphere is very cold aloft and we can get those colder temperatures to really react with the updrafts and the rain and the thunderstorms. back to the map. let's talk about what's going to be happening. that upper level low is going to be heading to the east and clearing is on our way to the north. that's what we'll have tonight, clouds this evening, showers off to the west, temperatures hold ng the 50s and winds for the time being not too bad, but tomorrow those winds are really going to pick up. and enjoy these seasonal temperatures right now around 60, 61 because we are in for a big shock. we have a freeze watch in effect for tomorrow night, and the growing season is kind of ahead of schedule, so you might to want try to bring in -- maybe you have one of those topsy turvy tomato planters -- i would bring it inside. the pollen will increase
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tomorrow, but canadian high pressure sends our temperatures down to the freezing mark by tuesday morning and that means a very chilly day on tuesday as well. clouds will be breaking, winds pick up tomorrow morning. we'll wake up to temperatures around 50 tomorrow morning inside the beltway. mostly sunny, breezy and cooler tomorrow afternoon, around 60 to 64 and plan ahead with me. a roller coaster springtime system, all right? we're cool tomorrow but much cooler on tuesday, and then we have a few showers wednesday. after that, you know, we warm up and cool right back down. i think at this point the weekend will be looking good, we just have to get through this -- if you put away the winter coat or some layers, you'll have to dig them out, because really, tuesday morning you'll need that coat heading out the door. >> march winds, april showers? makes sense to me. it's springtime. still ahead in sports, well, [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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we watched it here on nbc. tiger on the road to redemption. >> yeah, he's getting closer. now two weeks away from the masters, gosh, if he could win that, just think what we would be talking about. >> do you think he's ready? >> i would say so. wearing his trademark red on sunday, tiger woods looked
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trademark, winning a tournament in style. tiger captures his seventh win at the arnold palmer invitational and his first victory on tour since 2009. winning on a one-stroke lead, tiger going for his seventh pga victory. one-third away from eagle, putting with precision. chris, you do this all the time. >> no, never. >> you and i fist pump like that right there. tiger, trying for eagle. just missed it. so close. he would birdie, still leads by two strokes. then here on 15, tiger has a long putt to save par. got it. he would dial in with two bir e birdies and two bogeys. he wins the arnold palmer invitati invitational. it has been 924 days since tiger had last won on the pga tour.
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next wee next, the masters in two weeks. when history repeeats itsel, it makes for a great story. the terps were the number two seed and built the champs and went to a championship. this week maryland is the number two seed again and the terps knocked out the champs in the sweet 16. the terps taking on texas a&m. a aggie is in control early. texas a&m up by as many as 15 points in the first half. terps in transition. alyssa thomas, the acc player of the year. nifty move. she had 21 points. maryland ends the half on a 21-6 run. second half, terps turn it over. check out alexia standish, putting on a clinic.
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aggie is up by 11. later, scary moment for the terps. thomas to tihanna hawkins. hawkins would leave the game and not return. hopefully she'll be back in the next round. moseley played beat the shot clock. maryland takes the lead. terps force a turnover, alyssa thomas to lauren mincy. the terps end the game on a 21-4 run. maryland 81-74, advancing to the lead. they'll take on top seed notre dame on tuesday. let's go to hockey. a must-win for alex ovechkiovec. how about miko coyvu. 12 stays in the first period. no score after 1. second period, alex on the break
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with jason chamera. chucks it past matt hackett, his 19th goal of the season. 2-0 capitals looking good. they need to win this game because buffalo is in that eighth and final playoff spot with 84 points now. >> and the whiz play tonight. >> they just must win. that's the news. we'll be back at 11:00. have
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